The BodyMetrix System is Accurate Portable Affordable


BodyMetrix Ultrasound System

BodyMetrix System includes hand held ultrasound probe, ultrasound gel, circumference measuring tape and BodyViewProFit software

The BodyMetrix System offers the same professional-grade ultrasound technology used by elite athletes and trainers. This high tech, cutting edge device allows you to quickly, easily and accurately make assessments. The BodyMetrixSystem does all this without embarrassing or painful pinching. Assessments take only minutes and are not affected by hydration, exercise level or caffeine intake. Since the BodyMetrixdevice can be plugged into your Windows or Mac desktop or laptop and Windows Pro tablets, you can make assessments anywhere.


Using the BodyMetrix System

This short video (2 minutes) shows how the BodyMetix System and BodyViewProFitsoftware can be used.

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