Are you optimizing performance?

BodyMetrixprovides multiple solutions to track and optimize exercise and diet.

  • Accurately measure body composition (%BF).
  • Track %BF, weight, and individual site fat thickness.
  • Track circumference, Waist to Hip Ratio.
  • Use cross-sectional scans to directly see fat and muscle layers.
  • Calculate BMR and BMR with activity.
  • Email customizable reports directly to your client that include text and graphics.

Accurately Measure Body Composition

Body composition is calculated by measuring subcutaneous fat thickness at multiple sites. The number of sites depend on the formula and can range from an approximate single bicep measurement to as many as 9 sites. BodyMetrix Ultrasound measurements are not sensitive to hydration or exercise. Screenshots below show sample measurements using a single bicep formula on an overweight individual, and a more accurate 7 site formula on an elite athlete.

BodyViewProFit software

Beyond body composition BodyViewProFit software can be used to track individual point fat thickness and circumference, waist to hip ratio and fitness metrics. The two fitness lists shown below can be easily modified to only include what you need.

Accurately Measure Fat and Muscle directly, Seeing is Believing

Beyond point measurements the BodyMetrix can be used to scan anatomical sites to directly see fat and muscle layers as can be see below in a thigh scan. Scans offer an excellent way to directly monitor the benefits of diet and exercise. They are also a terrific way to identify skinny fat individuals who often aren't convinced by numbers. See Sites