Are you Measuring Fat Loss Progress?

BodyMetrix provides multiple solutions for your practice.

  • Cross-sectional scans show fat loss & muscle changes over time
  • Accurately measure body composition, shift focus away from the scale
  • Capture information to evaluate relative disease risk
  • Provide clients with clear understanding of how weight is distributed

Abdominal subcutaneous fat is sensitive to diet and exercise.

Abdominal scans below show double layer for high %BF (29%) individuals compared to a single layer for low %BF (3%) elite athlete. These abdominal scans start near the belly button and extend to within a few inches of the hip bone.

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Muscle Change

Capturing scans over time allows you to directly see change in fat and muscle. These two scans show Decrease in Fat and Increase in Muscle thickness over a 2 month period.

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Accurately Measure Body Composition

Body composition is calculated by measuring subcutaneous fat thickness at multiple sites. The number of sites depend on the formula and can range from an approximate single bicep measurement to as many as 9 sites. See Sites